Best Stocks for the Future

If you are interested in investing in stocks, it is essential to have a long term plan. Planning is something that is done whether you are making preparations for a new career or to steer your financial future. To facilitate this long term plan, many financial experts think that you have to place more emphasis on the quality of the stock.


You also have to ensure that the stock is stable and has a high level of predictability. In short, stocks go up and down in value and so what may have worked in the past or currently may not necessarily be the same thing in latter years. Therefore, it is best to remain with companies that offer essential products and services that consumers will need for years to come.


Quality Stocks

Looking for quality stocks means that you would look to trade with companies that have consistently increased their earnings and dividends over the past ten years. The best long term stocks are the ones that are low in volatility, those that consistently defeat their earnings estimate and companies that make dividend available.


Steady Stock

Below are several stocks that many financial experts would consider to be the best. Coco Cola, Costco and General Mills are three of the most reputable. Why? Well, these companies provide food and beverage that many consumers are not willing to part with. Therefore, their stocks have seen steady and safe growth over a longer period of time and would look good for the future, regardless of the performance of the economy. These products are known as consumer staples and the companies that sell them happen to offer a dividend to investors for additional value. Find out how to get a title loan. While you receive those dividends, you can also reinvest in the same company stock or acquire new stock.


Safe Stocks

Coca Cola (KO) is a dividend stock with potential growth. Since 1920, the company has been paying out recurring dividends to its stockholders. In addition, the dividend has increased each year for the past fifty years. This is a good place to start, if you are looking for future earnings.

General Mills (GIS) boasts a dividend worth 3.3% of its stock. The company has been paying out dividends for the past 114 years now. It is safe to invest in their stock for the long term.

Costco (COST), one of the largest membership clubs for retailers in the United States has doubled its stock since 2009. The company also has S&P Quality Ranking of A. This means that you have the confirmation to buy. Food is always going to be a necessity and Costco offers food to the consumer at bulk prices.


Apple Computer

For the past twenty five years, Apple has performed well in the area of technology. This has been shown in its stock performance too. Yes, the stocks have a higher volatility rate, but with the advancement of technology and consumer’s demand for higher tech products, the company still stands at the forefront.