this will help to think about jobs that you can do part time to pay off student loans

Top 10 Part-Time Jobs to Help You Pay Off Student Loans

Did you know? The average wage for an hour for Campus Ambassadors is $11.00 per hour, but this can also depend on the chosen university and State, with a 30% fluctuation amount based on your location and skills!

Studying at a university in the USA is an expensive task, but one that is well worth the investment. To pay off student loans quickly, many university students take up part-time jobs that also help them build their resumes for future employment.

10 popular part-time jobs are trending these days for students looking to pay off student loans, with the top job being a Campus Ambassador. This part-time job for students involves showing potential students and their families the campus, its facilities, and features to get them enrolled. Continue reading to know more about the other top 9 part-time jobs for students to help pay off student loans.

#1 - Campus Ambassador.

This part-time job for students involves showing potential students and their families the campus, its facilities, and features to get them enrolled. The average pay for this exciting part-time on-campus position is $11/ per hour. 

#2 – On Campus Barista

Most campuses in all the USA states require an on-campus barista. Students who know about brewing coffee are often chosen, with perks including an hourly wage of $10 – $12 and discounted or even free coffee every day. If you are a connoisseur of coffee and can brew a perfect cup of latte or blend a smooth Irish cold coffee, then this part-time job for students may just be able to help you pay off your student loans!

#3 – Class Supervisor and Teacher’s Assistant 

As a class supervisor and teacher’s assistant, you may be given a handful of roles to help struggling students pass their exams by coaching them. You may also be asked to supervise the activity within the classroom when the lecturer is not on the premises. For freshers who have no prior experience being a teacher’s assistant, the starting pay for this role can be $8 to $10 per hour, however, if you have a good grasp on the subject and duties then you can earn as much as $12 – $14 per hour. This can help you build a strong foundation for a good resume as well as help you develop people skills earlier on in life. 

#4 – Library Administration Support

If you are an admirer of books, and often find yourself lost in encyclopedias, and marvelous works of fiction, then taking up a library assistant job can be perfect for you. This part-time job to pay student loans will also give you ample time to read, study and get some quiet time in between your duties. This part-time job for students can help you create a resume that shows your skills and strengths in managing multiple tasks effortlessly. Some of these tasks may include shelving books, being a support staff for library administration, organizing books as per the need, helping students find books they require, and making useful recommendations for titles when asked by students. The hourly wage for a library assistant job is $12 to $14 with a 20% fluctuation rate based on your skills. Being fluent in English, with a good grasp of book titles, can give you an edge over others especially if you are a foreign student.

#5 – On Campus Receptionist

More than just another minimum wage job, providing general office support, being good at customer service, and efficiently communicating with the various faculty members can help you get paid well. This part-time job as an on-campus receptionist can give you multiple avenues for finding part-time employment within the same campus. For instance, some larger departments may offer a comparatively higher wage per hour while student buildings and other sections of the campus may also need receptionists with an eager-to-work attitude and a genuine smile. The average pay for an on-campus receptionist with leading universities in the USA is $12 to $14 per hour, with a fluctuation rate of 20% based on your people skills and can-do attitude. 

#6 – On Campus Catering Assistant

Universities with on-campus restaurants, cafeterias, cafes, and bakeries, often look for both food runners and catering assistants. The main perk of this part-time job for students in hospitality is flexibility in terms of hours and schedules. More importantly, it can be an impressive additional skillset and a cornerstone in your resume. The average wage most universities pay for this particular part-time job for students is $16 to $17 with an option of picking your hours, especially for foreign students.

#7 – Seasonal Associate’s Jobs At Stores

The benefits of choosing off-campus work are that you get competitive pay and you get discounts for purchasing goods that are sold at the store. There are more than a dozen types of stores you can get a seasonal associate’s job, these options include sporting goods stores, fish and bait stores, small business boutique stores, top-of-the-line wedding gown boutique stores, and electrical & hardware stores. Most of the department stores in the cities and towns of leading universities offer a daily pay option to students.

More than just a minimum wage job, department stores also offer flexible hour part-time jobs for students with an option to pick their hours, within a reasonable limit and as per operational hours. These stores usually offer applications in person and online as well, with a list of positions open for hiring as well as the job role and duties posted online on their site. With a few exceptions, there are no special skills needed to get seasonal associate jobs, but a warm smile, being polite as well as being assertive without being rude can open many doors for you. The hourly wage for off-campus seasonal associate part-time jobs can range from $12 to $18 per hour with additional perks, bonuses, and privileges to shop with a 25% discount.

#8 – Delivery Associates With Logistics Companies

A good way to pay off student loans with part-time jobs is to choose a task that you are strong at doing and stick to it. If you are punctual and professional and you can work smart and work hard, all with a smile then you may be the star candidate for this high-wage job. The position is a delivery associate position with leading logistics companies that can pay anywhere from $15 to $25 per hour. More than just a minimum wage job, you can be eligible for bonuses such as 401(K), dental and health insurance, vision health coverage, and paid vacation time in some cases. You would be expected to deliver products to customers in sun, rain, hail, and storm, and without complaining as you will be the face of that company. More importantly, you would need a driver’s license, need to follow all driving safety protocols strictly, and follow health and other safety protocols as well.

#9 – Skilled Part-Time On-Campus Jobs

International students that wish to further their career prospects can apply for a myriad of skilled labor part-time office jobs but only within the university’s campus. The prerequisites for applying for on-campus jobs are that you need an F-1 Visa, and you can work for a maximum of 20 hours per week. Additionally, you should be able to be efficient in juggling between your work and your college studies and you should speak to your Designated School Office to get all the paperwork needed before you apply and work anywhere. The federal minimum wage per hour is $7.25 for international students for a wide array of office and on-campus part-time jobs. However, many part-time jobs such as tutoring fellow students and peers can pay as much as $17 per hour. Babysitting can pay as much as $15 to $20 an hour wage, however, check with your DSO before you accept any miscellaneous part-time jobs.

#10 – Online Part-Time Jobs For Students

If you have a certain skill such as writing, web designing, or coding, then it may be time to harness your potential and apply for a skilled online job. While the final wage for working on projects depends on your efficiency, quality of work, timeliness, and the client’s budget, you can pay off your student loans if you work smartly. The average wage per hour for online editors ranges from $15 to $85, but it might take you some practice and time to reach the $85 mark. Similarly, web designers that work online can earn $40 to $60 an hour on average but this limit can be pushed based on your skills.

Tip for Applying for Part-Time Jobs for Students

A good tip to follow while applying for such part-time jobs for students is to have a well-drafted written application that showcases your skill set and your ability to learn and work hard. Being modest yet confident can help you go a long way but at the end of the day, the wage you earn per hour is also dependent on how you present yourself and your skill set.

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